Who we are?

At the very cutting edge of audio visual technology, 89 AUVI is renowned as a leader in the creative design and production of rental audio and video equipment for the events and entertainments industries.

Why Choose Us ?

89 AUVI is a Specialist in Rental of Audio & Visual Equipments. We provide Professional Consultancy and Reliable Audio Visual Support for all Events & Functions. Our Specialized Fields are: Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Opening Ceremonies, Product Launches, Small Meetings and many more .

Our Services

Perhaps you want to show a PowerPoint presentation, project a document at a major conference, Video background display, or even a giant screen for show or concert. No matter the occasion, 89 AUVI can help. For the visual portion of your needs, you'll find an array of items from projectors to plasmas, and digital camcorders to podiums.